To lease a two-bed room residence, on common, you would wish to earn $21.21 per hour as a full-time employee in america. That determine is greater in states like New York and California which might be hurting probably the most from the nation’s reasonably priced housing disaster. Relying on the situation, the hourly wages required for housing vary from $9.sixty eight (in Puerto Rico) to $35.20 (in Hawaii) for individuals working forty hours per week, fifty two weeks per yr: Observe: This map doesn’t account for the 37 localities, or the city progress boundary of Portland, Oregon, with minimal-wages larger than the usual state or federal wage.

In a month when southwest Missouri acquired honors for tourism locations from USA TODAY and the New York Times, Springfield got one Friday for an aspect of its economy.

ADOBO, a national “hyperlocal” apartment search service, published a report saying that Springfield is the seventh-best place in the country where sales and real-estate workers can expect to find affordable housing.

“Sales-related positions in Springfield tend to provide workers with a solid income in comparison to expenses for living,” said ADOBO spokesman Sam Radbil. “Springfield has lots of opportunity in the field.”

Sarah Kerner, city economic development director, checked the report and said, “Our apartment-building boom recently may be keeping rents lower as the various housing developers compete for tenants.”

The city’s director of workforce development, Mary Ann Rojas, said the report “further validates” Springfield as a low-cost, entrepreneurial city.

“Data shows startups, contract workers and self-employed workers are the trend now,” she said. “In our region, one can start a business and grow the business while living comfortably.”

Lindsay Haymes, vice-president of workforce development for the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce, also commented on the report.

“We know that low cost of living and affordable housing is really important when people are just getting started,” Haymes said. “And it’s important, frankly, to all levels of income.”

She noted that the chamber provides a cost-of-living calculator relying on data from the Council on Community and Economic Research to make sure prospective residents are aware that Springfield is rated an inexpensive place to live.

Haymes added, “We know that they are able to make their dollars go a lot further in Springfield.”

Not every city’s boosters can say the same.

ADOBO’s Friday report on “best cities for rent and sales and real estate jobs” states that workers in sales, “plagued with low wages, should move to these cities” — meaning high-ranking ones like Springfield.

The company’s data portrays…